The Steel Framing Alliance, its members and affiliated organizations offer programs tailored to meet the needs of architects and other design professionals as they expand their portfolios to include cold-formed AIA steel framing.  The SFA is a Passport Provider of the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System to assist AIA members and others in maximizing their professional skills to include cold-formed steel framing.

While cold-formed steel framing has been traditionally used for interior partition walls it has grown to be a solid performer as the main structural element in mid-rise and multi-family structures including apartments, condominiums, hospitality, and multi-family structures.  Non-combustible cold-formed steel serves the need for meeting the most stringent fire resistant requirements all while providing design flexibility and superior performance.  In just a few short years cold-formed steel has developed an infrastructure of codes, standards, design guides, training resources and a common standard for specifying and identifying steel is firmly in place.