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Ahmed Kafafi
steel construction joints
8 Awal May Nasr City
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Structural Engineer
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This is an idea for development of free node tie connection for the space frame structures, scaffolding, shading tents, and similar applications.
The free spider joint nodes for structure frames are hinged joint connectors for structure frame members without using welding or direct bolt fixation, that joints can connect most space frame structure members at wide range of required in-between memberÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿ÿ¿s angles in three directions. Those joint nodes has ability to connect up to 24 members at one point by using only one node, all member's axes are ended at center of the node. The connection of the members to the node are not rigid joint but hinged joint, the hinging is done by using slip pressure fittings which do not allow creation of any bending forces at the end of the members. The spider joint node can connect any type of cylindrical bars without pre-preparation for the memberÿ¿ÿ¿s ends, only adjusting their lengths as per frame design, the in-between angles of members can be adjusted in the three directions before or during installations, also the joint nodes can be disassembled and reused to connect other members with different design.
The idea has been filed in (Egyptian Patent office) on 31 July 2017, also, it is now under inspection in (Patent Cooperation Treaty) PCT.
The idea has been designed through solid drawings for complete integration between all parts.
Actually, I have produced five typical samples of the idea for 60 mm pipe diameter.
I look forward to cooperate with Specialist Company to develop and sharing practical mass production.
Ahmed Kafafi
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